Monday, September 27, 2010

November 9th, 2003: Castles

So far, my first few journal entries are short and sweet, mostly because we're driving through THE ALPS. (Yeah, try writing in a journal while being tossed around the backseat of a VW bug in the mountains - I dare you!) Anyway, I'm including some links to tourist spots for reference and to make up for my lack of wordiness:
(click images to view)
  • Shopped in street market in Garmish

    Photo taken on our hotel patio

    Front of Clausing Post Hotel

    Street market in Garmisch

  • Lunch in Ober Anmergua at restaurant w/"Magician"

    This guy was too fun! (Read:
    Embarrassed the crap out of me!)

  • Traveled to Linderhof castles

  • Tour of 1st castle

  • Others closed but toured town & took photos (Neuschwanstein & Hohenstein)

    Standing in front of castle

  • Returned home through Austria

    Under Austria Sign
    (too dark, sorry)

  • Ate at ski resort resaurant (ate "Chef Boyardee" penne?!!)
    The German cook poked fun of my mother and me, aka the "Turtleneck Twins", or so it seemed since we aren't fluent in German. And the joke was really on us when we sat down to eat our nice German dinner that tasted exactly like a can of Chef Boyardee.
  • Home
    Back to Italy for repacking.
Next up: Venice!

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