Friday, July 24, 2009

Feeling Bullseye-ish

The Peeps and I absolutely LOVE shopping at Target, which is a good thing because we're there so often that we might just as well move into that place. However, this morning as we made our usual trek to that favorite store of ours we were greeted by an extremely odd scene: parking lot barricaded off with red & khaki clad Target employees, police officers and fire fighters standing around, a sight that would cause most people to turn around and head back home. But not us. We're steadfast Target shoppers, so we turned the other cheek and made our way into the store to do our shopping. *pfft*

So we're shopping like it's just a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, but then as we found our way into the snack aisle there was this loud-choppy-thumping noise, and I'm all, "Dude. A helicopter is landing on the roof." Eyes rolled. Mom so exaggerates, right? But then who's rolling eyes after finding this in the parking lot:

I'm just asking the question, Peeps.
(No worries - it's Target's kick-off for National Night Out.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bunch of Croc

Every summer, well actually all-year-long, my peeps and I choose a day to see just a few things at the zoo, because that place is so incredibly huge that you'd have to be crazy to attempt everything in one visit. Zoo passes are nice that way - we can come back as often as we want throughout the year without having to pull a big Marathon Zoo Day!

So what did we choose today? Kingdoms of the Night and the Budgie exhibit, drippy wet rain and all. The best part? By far, those Caiman crocodiles looking all sneaky with their heads peeking out just above the water and bodies hanging all loose below the surface. Total coolness.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pampered Reader

There will be a day when this whole reading-beside-the-pool experience gets extremely old. Today is not that day. (And yes, that pedicure seems to keep getting pushed down the 'To Do' list.)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Blooper

Here's a video of Peep Son getting a little ahead of himself while chasing after a parachute that had ejected from a home firework: