Saturday, September 18, 2010

December 10th, 2004: Italy back to USA

European adventure almost complete as I head back to the States from my folks house in Italy. (Original journal in regular text, comments italicized below.)

Fri - 12/10/04
  • 5:15 am woke up early & left for Milan Malpensa Airport @6:45 am
  • major stop & go traffic in Milan (almost had a couple heart attacks!)
    People drive way too close/fast for my blood in Europe. My life flashed before me more times than I could count.
  • @20 Euro left to spend in airport (need to buy souvenirs for friends back home)
  • finally reached Milan Malpensa w/some time to spare
  • bought Italian candy for D & L
    nothing like some good European candy to share w/friends after returning home.
  • said goodbye to my folks w/hugs
    our visit went so fast... I didn't want to say goodbye, but wanted to see family back home BADLY.
  • flight out of Milan a few minutes late, but arrived to Atlanta later on time
  • good flight/chicken lunch & Army GI neighbor
    My seat neighbor worked in Army Communications and gave me his brigade emblem to give to Peep Son. So proud of our troops.

    "Airborne" Army Emblem

  • arrived in Atlanta on time, but needed to circle airport a few times - bad east coast weather
    timing couldn't be worse for the weather to go rotten. Seriously? On the way home? Ugh.
  • got ham swch dinner @5 pm (after turning back clock - seemed like 11 pm!)
  • called home, getting ready for dinner
  • hubs trying to find a sitter
    no sitter tonight - instead hubs dressed the kids in pajamas and picked me up from the airport with PJ wearing Peeps in tow.
  • flight departure delayed (1 hr?)
And this is where my journal ends. Yes, I made it home safely, albeit LATE into the night. The kids didn't get to see all of my photos & souvenirs until the next morning, but it was well worth getting up early to show them everything. (Good thing it was Saturday.) My internal clock was a complete mess as it was anyway. Surreal feelings set in soon after. What a life-changing experience, one that I would do all over again in a heartbeat.

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