Tuesday, September 28, 2010

November 10th, 2003: Venice

As before, original journal is in regular text, my comments (from today) italicized beneath:
(click photos to view)
  • Metro to Venice - VERY crowded train (something wrong w/previous train causing overload)
    This is when I learned my lesson about "personal space" in Italy. Rule of thumb: there is no such thing. We were all crammed right up against one another. You just deal.

    Peace out, yo.

  • African HOSTILE couple - girl punched Mom & pushed me
    Apparently this was just an ordinary lover's spat.
  • Italian Arline flight attendant talked to us about her experience
  • Train station in Venice - sat for a few minutes on front steps w/Mom

    View from train station steps

  • Met Allen after he purchased water, bus tickets
  • Wrong water bus taken on opposite route (wanted Grand Canal but had a new "adventure")

    Me & my lovely mother

    View from water bus - Venice, Italy

  • Walked to San Marco Square "The Pigeon Place"

    San Marco Square - in front of Basilica

  • Ate in San Marco Square - small restaurant (had veggie/multi-colored pasta - peas!!! yum)

    Campanile, San Marco

    Piazza San Marco

    Piazzetta San Marco

  • Shopping/saw gondola drivers & dock

    Actors in Piazetta San Marco

    Where's my gondolier?

    There he goes...

  • Returned on water bus -> metro
  • Called hubs late after sandwich snack
Next stop: Rome

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