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December 4th, 2004: Hangin' Out in London

Saturday - 2nd full day in London, England:
*Personal comments to the journal are italicized below original text.
  • Got up early (1:40 am/then 8:00 am) - TOAST for bfst (we didn't know)
    What "we didn't know" was the hotel did NOT offer continental breakfast as we expected, not a very cool thing for 3 starving Americans.

  • Went through Victoria station - ATM £100, some souvenirs & all day bus ticket

    On the bus still waking up

    My folks make such a sweet couple

  • Westminster Abbey Cathedral (inside) souvenirs & shopped at store

    Westminster Abbey

    Standing in front of Westminster Cathedral

  • Shopped at Westminster Abbey bookstore (souvenirs)
  • Line too long at Wm Abbey (photos)

    Line Outside Cathedral (no thanks)

  • Bus to Victoria Station - another bus to Old Bailey Road

  • Lunch at Bailey's Cafe (Italian) - bought for all @£20 (xmas gift)
    Focaccia bread sandwich w/turkey

    Lunching at Bailey's Cafe Deli

  • St. Paul's Cathedral - went into entrance (£7/no way), was able to see enough

  • Walked around backside of courtyard - statue of John Wesley, brown pigeon, etc.)

  • Walked down Oxford ("SOHO") - very crowded, lots of young people college types
  • Saw Jesus preacher
  • Almost hit by bus

    "Kentish Town" - possible family ties?

  • Called & left message on voicemail at Picadilly Circus
  • Finally found Buckingham Palace after 2 buses/walking

    Buckingham Palace

  • Shopped at tea shoppe & bought gifts (chocolate, coffee)

    Taking a Diet Coke rest

  • Phone call home (finally connected)
  • Shin splints kicked in (me)
  • Over bridge by Big Ben watched Eye of London (aka Ferris Wheel)

    The London Eye

  • Allen took photos of Parliament at St. Thomas' Hospital

    Big Ben & Parliament from hospital parking lot

  • Back on bus toward Victoria
  • Stopped for dinner @8 pm at Shakespeare's Pub
  • Caesar salad w/chicken & Pinot (yum!)
  • Back to room
  • Allen emailed hubs from hotel
  • SLEEP (loud neighbors "square dancing above us")
    Never travel without earplugs.
Next up: off to PARIS!

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