Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Shakedown

Back with a synopsis of our car crisis that encompassed the last 17 days of our lives. With all the events and emotions involved, it actually has taken that long for the dust to settle. So as mentioned in a previous blog post, the family was in the process of returning from new bicycle shopping when our 2003 Saturn VUE started bucking and choking unexpectedly, forcing me to pull over into the Post Office parking lot. A few hours later, VUE found itself towed to the only available Saturn dealer (50+ miles away) because GM recently closed our nearest local Saturn dealership. Then what? Well, there VUE sat for several days while we attempted to carry on with life as usual. Luckily Hubs was called out of town on business 2 days later, freeing up the old minivan for me to shuttle Peeps around in all week. Otherwise, I would've been begging Saturn for a loaner car or even renting a vehicle from a car rental agency. Timing was everything.

After feeling drained with worry and dread about how long we would have to endure the waiting game before hearing back from Saturn's service department, I finally received The Call. Mechanic Dude informed me the news wasn't good: the transmission needed an expensive overhaul. Fortunately, GM offered a credit to qualified customers who experienced this well-known issue, meaning we needed to fulfill all of the requirements in order to receive the deal. Mechanic Dude then suggested that we look into applying the credit toward the only new Saturn available at the dealership, and entire state for that matter. But what if we didn't like the car? If that were the case then we could venture out to another GM dealer and attempt to find another suitable replacement. Oh joy - let the car shopping fun begin!

Plain and simple, Hubs does NOT care for the whole wheeling and dealing of purchasing a new vehicle, hence the reason for sticking with Saturn where salespeople lay it on the line in black and white. Me? I don't mind the dealing quite so much. So Peep Girlie and I zipped on out to the Saturn dealership to check out that last standing new car on the lot. But wait… why wasn't it on the lot? Oh right. It was on the showroom floor. My heart skipped a beat as the salesman gave us a demo on all of its features. Wow… no way could this dazzling piece of machinery become our next family vehicle. Then after the guys drove the car off the floor and I hit the road with it, my heart jumped right into the deal and stuck. I know this is exactly what NOT to do when purchasing a car, so I held back my emotions and drove strictly business-like with the salesman in the passenger seat and Peep Girlie in the back. Channeling level-headedness… *ohm*

Back to reality, Peep Girlie strongly advised that we at least test drive a few other cars before making any moves on the new Saturn. That girl has a great head on her shoulders, I know! Good thing we just happened to be located on Dealership Row where MANY other car dealers surrounded us, making it easy to test out a few vehicles. But when our test driving fun ended, we were drawn back to the Saturn dealer where I called Hubs from my cell in the parking lot to discuss the situation like level-headed, intelligent adults. Then I signed off on the offer, putting us one step closer to replacing our long lost VUE.

Driving back home in the old van was surreal to say the least.

The next day involved scanning and emailing of formal documents to Saturn's Service Manager who then contacted GM about applying for credit toward the new car. Again, more waiting. Another day later with me sensing another long drawn out period of silence, I unexpectedly received The Call. Twice. Both on the land line and on my cell, with Finance Dude offering us The Deal. I couldn't believe my ears. Were we actually bringing home that magnificent set of wheels? Is it April 1st? Surely someone is pulling a fast one on us after all of that trauma we experienced over past several days. But no, and after all was said and done, someone upstairs showed mercy on our souls with this:

And yes, the trunk holds a cello and baritone quite nicely.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back in Business

Finally, I will sit down and post a blog about how the vehicle situation went down... tomorrow. A nasty midwestern thunderstorm is keeping me from doing so this evening, which happens to be the time when I planned on posting an update. So for now I logout leaving the blogosphere with this little hint of what took place:

Yeah, baby.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Day #10 and still waiting for a Saturn mechanic to LOOK at our vehicle. That's right, the poor VUE found itself abandoned in the Saturn service department parking lot after being towed from the post office where it breathed its last breath. And now we sit in wait for some mechanic, ANY mechanic, to pop his head under the hood and make a diagnosis of the damage. Although, judging by this letter, I think we already know the answer:

Wait... just got the phone call. Something's up - stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeling the Saturn Vue Blues

From the day I was born breech with the worst Apgar score ever recorded, life clearly was not meant to be easy for me. And this week was a big reminder of that fact, particularly when the Mom Mobile tanked on the way home from purchasing Peep Girlie a fancy new bicycle from our favorite bike shop, guaranteeing the Peep family 5 more years of car payments once again.

I'll miss you, Vue-y.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Giving Ourselves a Break

The Peeps and I celebrated Easter 2010 with our usual family Easterly-type activities such as egg coloring, Easter egg hunting, attending mass and eating a home-cooked ham dinner with all of the fixings; that is, minus the green bean casserole Hubs and I forgot to make even though we purchased all of the ingredients the previous week. Like it was missed after all of the calories we consumed Easter Sunday, right? Exactly. In fact, we were having so much fun hanging out at the homestead enjoying a little bit of free time that green beans were never even mentioned once, a sure sign of a good time had by all.

So then what? Well, Peep Girlie made good on her promise to attend the weekly private cello lesson, during which time I caught up on some much needed reading of my favorite Chick Lit. Then it was time for SPRING BREAK to officially begin; and being all over the idea of sleeping in past 5:45 a.m. every morning for a week, I was almost first to begin the celebration by waking up promptly at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning. Now, if only the cat would've been clued in on my plan by not scratching LOUDLY at my bedroom door at 6:00 a.m. and again at 7:00 a.m., I would've found day 1 of Spring Break enjoyable. But no deal. So let me just say I was not amused with Smokie's antics and seriously considered a new plan called:

Sequestering the Cat Overnight Every Night for the Rest of Spring Break.

Still thinking on that one. Meanwhile, enjoy this fine photo of our Easter morning Krispy Kreme breakfast: