Friday, September 24, 2010

November 8th, 2003: Italy!

This is the first official journal entry of my very first trip visiting my folks in Italy. As before, I'm posting the original journal text below with italicized comments (from today) beneath it. I actually found original photos that correspond to my journal entry - woohoo!
  • Arrived in Milan airport
  • Mom/Allen/I returned to their house
  • ATM/McDonald's - met Allen's colleague

    Photo of Italian McDonald's, definitely
    unlike any other seen in the USA

  • Home/pack for Germany
  • Returned to McDonald's on the way out to find my waist pack (It was still intact!)
    Yes, my entire lifeline - PASSPORT, MONEY & ALL - found completely untouched when we returned to find it in McDonald's.
  • Left for Austria/Germany

    Winding roads through rain, vine-
    yards and mountainous terrain.

  • Garmisch, Germany stop where we settled into hotel

    Taken from backseat of my folk's
    VW bug.

  • Ate dinner in hotel restaurant (Clausing Post Hotel)
  • Called Hubs & called it a night

    Just wait until morning - this view
    is actually amazing in the daylight!

Tomorrow: We get all GERMAN.

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