Monday, November 7, 2016

Merriment on a Monday

Ok, not so much, but one can hope, right? So as I try to channel my thoughts on getting some work done, more randomness snuck into my brain:

  • Parking lot findings: Today I managed to score the VERY LAST up-close-to-my-office parking spot and was not able to view much of the lot on my way into the building, but I DID see a baby-sized blue glove and wad of gum.  While having that much coveted up-close parking spot is a good thing, it does take all of the excitement out of new parking lot discoveries.
  • Daylight Savings: After turning clocks back 1 hour over the weekend, I'm feeling somewhat time-warped and confused.  Love that my Apple watch and iPhone reset themselves without complaint, but the car clock and 2 others in my office weren't as smart about the switch.  That and my office was freezing, so the heating system must not have gotten the memo.
Alrighty then.  Finally posting this after 8+ hours of meetings, web coding, and fielding end-user computer issues.  Meanwhile, let the commute home begin!