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December 7th, 2004: Last Full Day in Paris

That's right, it's our last full day in Paris and holy cow does the adventure get better. (Original journal in regular text, comments italicized below.)

Tues - 12/7/04
  • Woke @7:30 a.m. - got ready & then saw fire engines (3) outside w/police - looked like call was made but didn't see fire

    Firetrucks in street
    (pink "cloud" is camera light
    reflecting off window)

  • Had Coke Light for bfst - mom sleeping & snoring as I write @8:45, so may miss bfst dwnstrs
    Apparently we're a snoring bunch.
  • Wish M/M/R could be here, miss them very much
    Time away from Peeps is catching up with me.
  • Bfst w/M & A (she woke up & joined us!) - croissant & coffee
  • ATM (€100)
  • Walked through Paris to bus stop (nice little shops)
  • Open bus tour - more view of Paris
  • B & M Notre Dame (inside & saw mass)/shopping - Allen w/Italian friend for lunch

    Standing in front of Notre
    Dame Cathedral

    Saint Jeanne D'Arc

    Stained glass window

  • B & M at at cafe - corner by ND (baguette & cafe/pop)
    Mom and I had a nice lunch together beside the Cathedral.

    Gals in front of Notre Dame

  • Shopped by ND - souvenirs
    Bought Paris hoodies & hats for kids.
  • Open bus to Eiffel Tower, waited in line 60 min
  • Went to top! took photos <- WOW!!

    On Eiffel Tower observation deck

    Top of Eiffel Tower from
    observation deck

    Sienne River from Eiffel Tower

    Paris from top of Eiffel Tower

  • Shopped at shoppes for souvenirs
  • Open bus to metro -> walked to Hard Rock Cafe, video of "Time Warp", guitar of Joe Satriani, shopping at store, souvenirs

    Doin' the Time Warp in HRC

    Joe Satriani guitar (photo for hubs)

  • Margarita & nachos (8 pm! yikes)

    c'est delicieux!

  • Metro to hotel
  • Shower, repacked for last night in Paris
Over and out for the night, but tomorrow we head back to London for more exciting adventures.

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