Wednesday, September 29, 2010

November 11th, 2003: Rome

And now my world gets even bigger as we head to none other than ROME, ITALY. Still pinching myself! As before, original journal in text with comments italicized below:
(click photos to view)

Tues, 11/11/03
  • Metro train to Verona
  • Eurostar to Rome

    Ready to board Eurostar

  • In Rome, took wrong turn getting off underground metro (like subway)
  • Allen (Dad) called USO & we found our way after meandering thru city
    The USO was such an incredible resource for us during our visit. Those people are saints.
  • Mom & I were annoyed and felt ridiculous but no one noticed (too many tourists)
    We were clueless but grateful not to be the only ones. You can't look "lost" in a sea of tourists.
  • At hotel - unloaded (I grabbed swch & snacks)

    Standing on hotel steps - swanky!

  • Walked back to main plaza, people watched & window shopped
  • Bus to Piazza Venecia
  • Next bus - Colosseum & Forum
  • Dinner at "Al Gladiatore" in front of Colosseum (Rocco entertained us!)

    Italian wine at Al Gladiatore

    Rocco, my new Italian host friend

    Posing w/Italian waitress

  • Walked around side of Colosseum & by Forum

    Colosseum in darkness

  • Metro back to main plaza
  • Returned to hotel & called hubs before crashing for the night
Coming up: Pope John Paul II and St. Peter's Basilica - a definite doozy.

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