Thursday, September 9, 2010

December 5th, 2004: From London to Paris

(info is unaltered from my long lost journal with italicized comments below original text)

Sun - 12/5/04
  • Internet from hotel (checked email)
    Computer room had only a couple desktop PC's, both completely spyware-ridden and with pop-ups galore, but they did the job for checking email. No complaints.
  • Shopped for souvenirs at Victoria Station
    Bought miniature double-decker bus for son; turned down leather/fur jacket purchase for myself.
  • bfst at Victoria's Station - Garfunkel's, same waitress, not happy w/us (seated ourselves, order wrong)
  • Waterloo Station - Ivana Trump sighting
    Talk about a luggage brigade. Never had I seen so many oversize designer suitcases roll behind a single passenger in my life.

    Sign above ticketing area

  • Starbucks in Waterloo - we searched & finally found it! They had to have one - there are Starbucks everywhere - at least we saw them on every corner in London. Hazelnut Latte Grande.

    Perfect way to start the day!

  • Bought hat in station
  • Eurostar boarded at 1:30 - we had a carload of kids on a field trip. (they all spoke French, so we assumed they were returning home to France.)

    Wearing new black hat

  • Lunch from food car - ham & cheese & "flapjack" bar w/pecans & raisins
  • Kids got off after 1st stop - quieter :)
    Thank goodness for that.
  • Set off alarm in bathroom accidentally
    Oops. User error.
  • Fog in Paris on arrival
  • Went through Paris to Hotel Altona
    I remember walking along the streets feeling very afraid for my life, complete darkness with vagrants sitting on sidewalks along street. At least we found our hotel so we could drop off our luggage. Lugging it all over Paris wasn't all that fun.
  • Took metro to Eiffel Tower, photos

    Eiffel Tower

    'Paris 2012' Olympics
    (possible future location)

    Standing under tower

  • Dinner at pub - Quiche Lorraine/Cabernet (wht) - Smokers!! :P
    We experienced the true dining experience with diners "lighting up" and smoking up the pub after their final meal course. Mom & I put on a good coughing production - hard to breathe!
  • Took metro back to room
  • Saw glittery Eiffel tower

    Eiffel tower lights

  • tried to call home
  • Called from hotel desk - clerk spoke little English - talked w/people around
    At this point, I actually tested my high school French on the hotel clerk but didn't get much further than 'Bon soir' and 'Merci beaucoup'. Finally connected back home but had to talk at front desk without much privacy.
  • Bad time :( SNORING & loud neighbors
    Where were those earplugs when I needed them most?
  • @3 a.m. finally slept
    ... even after so much excitement. Such an amazing night in Paris!
Tomorrow - even better.

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