Wednesday, October 6, 2010

November 14th, 2003: Final Stop in Italy

So now I'm back to the Italian homestead where I need to prepare for my trip back to the USA. We still manage to squeeze in more sightseeing, this time closer to where my folks were living. Great seeing their 'digs' and more. Again, original journal is in regular text, my current comments in italics:
(click photos to view)
  • Woke @11 am!
    Finally slept in and wow did I ever need it.
  • ATM - gave Mom 200 Euro for train & hotel/Co-Co pick-up
  • Base (Ghedi)
    My folks needed to stop by their office, so I took time to pose for a pic while there.

    Ghedi Air Base, Italy

  • BX (chocolate - Toberlone)
    More souvenir shopping for friends/family.
  • Padenghe Village (photo of castle/town) - Lake Garda sits beside village

    Comune di Padenghe sul Garda

    Lake Garda

  • Desanzano - shopping in "tourist attraction" shops (chocolate - Italian & china shop)
    And even more souvenir shopping.
  • "Auchan" store like SuperTarget, shopped for chocolate stix, hair ornaments (Village Mazzano)
  • At at the "Linus" pizza altagio gastronoma in "Lonoto" village (capitol town of region)
    Italian pizza is unlike anything I'd ever tasted back in the USA. Tasty!
  • Home - called hubs
  • Packed - sleep @1:00 am
At this point, I'm beyond ready to see family back home. But the entire trip was meraviglioso!

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