Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Full Day in New Mexico

Our last full day visiting family in New Mexico landed on Friday, October 15th, 2010 - and we made it an adventurous day to say the least. Starting off on a casual note, I woke up @7:00 a.m. and cleaned up for the day, then popped into the Peeps room to find them both being all leisurely, complete with Nintendo DS gaming, reading and writing "stories" on the laptop computer. Then to get Peep Son and Peep Daughter powered up, I fed each of them a MONGO SIZED banana muffins & juice while I swigged a double shot of espresso. Heavenly!

And we were off and running:
  • Drove through Jemez Mountains, entered Pueblo and savored some delectable fry bread from local vendor's home beside the highway. The Peeps and I made a few off-handed remarks about how Jillian Michaels threw away this particular food item on a Losing it with Jillian TV episode. Good thing we only ate ONE piece of bread and divided it up between all 5 of us - that stuff is a big 'no no', apparently.
  • Toured Jemez State Monument where we walked through the trail and photographed ruins. Granny and I took it slow while Grandpa and the Peeps climbed all over the place.

    Peeps & Grandpa Explore Jemez State Monument

  • Drove to Soda Dam where we found more walking trails and took even more pics. A guy and his son were fishing down by the water oblivious to the Peeps as they climbed all over the place once again, a theme they had going on throughout our adventures.

    Peeps & Grandpa climbing around Soda Dam

  • Took off toward Los Alamos where we gratefully found a Subway to satisfy our appetites for lunch before our next trek through the nearby museum.
  • Toured Bradbury Science Museum where we learned more about the history of nuclear weapons, a seemingly favorite topic amongst the Peeps.

    Hands-on Activities at Bradbury Museum

  • Shopped at the bookstore and found some interesting nuclear-related souvenirs to take home. I bought hubs a shot glass baring the picture of a big mushroom cloud on its side and a t-shirt for Peep Daughter that said "Get a Half Life" with a chart of a radioactive particle's half life. Convenient, I know.
  • Drove to Santa Fe and shopped our hearts out at the Fashion Outlets, or at least it was the best we could do in the span of 30 minutes since everyone was ready to head back home for the afternoon. And wouldn't you know I found a Nike outlet store? Yep, and bought a few t-shirts and a pair of workout pants. Go me!
  • Headed back to my folks house where we started packing up our stuff for the early flight home in the morning, then heated up our Olive Garden leftovers for dinner. (It was amazing, even the second time around.) Grandpa started up a movie for the kids while I resumed washing clothes and packing, the perfect way to round off our day.

    Family Movie Time

  • Finally it was grand finale time where we roasted marshmallows over the backyard fire pit and made s'mores while Hubs joined us virtually by way of Google video chat, which was AWESOME by the way. How great to have all of us together even though it was with the help of a webcam.

    Roasting Marshmallows over Fire Pit
Packing... packing... packing... zzzzzz...

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