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November 13th, 2003: Last Day in Rome

So this is it, our last day in Rome and we haven't even come close to covering everything yet. Trust me, we do give it a good try. Again, original journal is in regular text. My comments from today are italicized beneath it:
(click photos to view)
  • Woke early to catch taxi to Vatican Museum
  • Breakfast at hotel & checked out
  • USO dropped off luggage, walked to Vatican Museum

    Line to Vatican Museum


    Vatican Museum

  • Spent morning at Vatican City/Museum

    View of Vatican grounds
    from inside museum

    Pointing to where parents live in Italy

  • Purchased souvenirs while viewing museum & Sistine Chapel
  • Also mailed postcards to hubs/kids/family in USA

    Random sign in museum

  • Back to USO & dropped off souvenirs
  • Met Italian Argentiera ("Silver Smith") at USO to receive hub's anniversary gift
  • Walked to lunch near Piazza Del Risorgimento (roasted chicken & bread)
  • Carabinieri in Piazza w/media after suicide bomber in Iraq (Italian Defense department - Base for Federal Italian forces in Iraq - South)

    Carabinieri in Piazza

    Official-looking Italians

  • Walked across street to Piazza Venezia through Piazza Del Campidolglio (Temple of Athena)

    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    Piazza Venezia, aka "Wedding Cake"

    Piazza Del Campidolglio (photogenic NOT)

    Posing by statue in Piazza

  • Walked thru Forum Romano (Forum)

    Roman Forum

    Ruins in Forum

    View from below in Ruins

    More Ruins

  • Back to USO -> Eurostar - Mannet (?)
  • Allen made new friend from Spain - exchanged email address/card
  • At Padora, ticket was good for arriving 2 hrs. after our Eurostar arrival (Polizia)
  • Took "Express" home - Polizia in cafe "bar" while waiting (lots of people loitering - Yikes!)
  • At train station - car wasn't towed like Allen thought it might be
  • Home @1:30 - left message on voice mail but had trouble calling back
Tomorrow: Back Home in Italy

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