Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day #2 Visit to NM

Today we were on a mission to find some activities everyone would enjoy, especially the Peep Son who really didn't care for site-seeing and shopping the day before. And guess what? We achieved like nobody's business! So here's what happened:
  • Awakened before the grandparents and ate big huge banana muffins with juice.
  • Broke in the new Wii game controllers by playing several rounds of Wii video games.
  • Ate lunch consisting of favorite kid foods such as EZ mac, ramen, raspberries and Nestle chocolates.
  • Headed out to gemstone store for jewelry paraphernalia (Grandma making custom gemstone goodies for secret anniversary stuff) while PS & Grandpa snuck out back to Burger King for refreshments.
  • Went to National Museum of Nuclear Science & History for a few hours of education and insight on nuclear history.
  • Drove over to Sonic for a lil snack of slushies, pop, tater tots & chicken nuggets before making our way to Sandia Mountain tram.
  • Toured Sandia Mountain peak on a tram with the help of a National Park guide, taking video & photos throughout the trip.
  • Enjoyed dinner at Olive Garden, one of Mom & Granny's personal favorite Italian restaurants of all time.
  • Found our way back to the homestead to play Wii games, family-style while Mom worked off a few calories on the treadmill.
  • Homemade apple pie & frozen yogurt dessert, reading, bedtime.
National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Tomorrow: More tourist-style (educational) FUN.

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