Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankfulness Abounds

Finally I sit down to post a blog about the splendiferously magical Thanksgiving the family and I enjoyed together, all to the sounds of the oldest playing her heart out on the cello next to the Family Christmas Tree. And what comes to mind most as I reflect back over our holiday is the I'm most thankful for prayers we shared, and it just makes me smile all over again at how hubs and I are raising such well-grounded, gracious people.

Not an easy feat, that's for sure.

As icing on the cake, Cello Playing Peep presented us with a letter that would make even the grizzliest Scrooge of all time shed an actual tear. She even allowed me to post an excerpt on this blog for all the blogosphere to see, even though she's the humble type and would never have the audacity to brag so openly like her shameless mother:
Dear Mom and Dad,
I am thankful for all you do... Mostly, I am thankful that you decided to give birth to me in the first place... I am thankful that you bought me instruments... and that you always take very good care of us, that you buy us food and cook for us, that you clean the house... have jobs to make money for our family and pay the bills. I am mostly thankful that I am here on this earth and that it is all your doing.
Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank YOU!!!
P.S. I didn't even mention all the things you do for us. :)

Feel the love. *sniff* (New piece is still a tad rusty, but I thought the giggles were cute.)

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