Sunday, November 15, 2009

The State of Peepdom

Just when I thought last week couldn't possibly get any more overloaded and jam-packed with events, it actually did just that. From the youngest's band concert and the oldest's strings performance with the schlepping of huge instruments to/from events and lessons in between, to communal reconciliation service with the 7th grade CCD'ers and Big Hot Date with Hubs in celebration of our blessed 16th wedding anniversary. *Whew!* Can all that actually happen in one week with life puttering along as usual? Apparently yes, and it was amazing as ever.

Side note: Big Hot Date involved attending school band concert (free!), eating lunch at Chilis, and topping the date off with sky diving (Wii Sports Resort-style). We old timers really do know how to party it up good. *cough*

But the crazed madness is not quite over yet. Geez, I had to go and say that, now didn't I?

So as I sit here in my famous Orchestra Rehearsal Mom Chair blogging on my cute lil Dell mini, I bravely decided to pull out my planner to sneak a peek at the upcoming weekly schedule. What's this? 2 more concerts, client web work, and a visit to the salon - an appointment originally scheduled for last week but changed when my lovely stylist contracted H1N1. Speaking of, I'm thinking a few more lighter face-framing highlights would do this person good, maybe brighten up the Fall dreariness. But there I go digressing again.

Pampering makes the world go round.

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