Sunday, August 8, 2010

*Big Huge Drum Roll Here*

As we barrel into Back-to-School week, I'm feeling like that DRUM ROLL is following me around as we check off everything on our 'To Do' list in preparation for it all. I know, I know. Where's that Italy journal? It's on the way - no worries. In fact, here's Day #2, Thursday December 2nd, 2004. Not too detail oriented, but keep in mind that I'm headed toward my next destination where it gets all wild & crazy:
  • Went to Desanzano (Mom & Dad's place)
  • Left at night for Ryanair to London
As you can see, not much time for journaling but I do remember weighing those repacked bags on Mom & Dad's scale to make sure we didn't exceed weight limitations. Then we were off and running - London, England here we come!

My mom proudly displaying the luggage
tags made by her fabulous grandchildren.

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