Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red Hot Mama

Lately I've been journaling in an actual BOOK with PAPER and PEN, thus neglecting this online blog. *audible gasp* I know! Crazy to even think such a thing! But really, it's been kind of nice knowing that I can jot down thoughts any time, any place without worrying about grammar, spelling, and whether or not some random lurker is sneaking a peek at my thoughts... other than a couple Peeps of mine who might try to look over my shoulder while I'm writing.

Yet I'll never give up blogging completely - Not. A. Chance.

So here's a snapshot of my favorite birthday present of all time just received last night from the Peep Hubster - a late gift, but we're talking total forgiveness based on the fact that the present is RED and an IPOD NANO with PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING and well deserving of ALL CAPS:

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