Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aftermath of the Fourth

Man oh man did we have the best Fourth of July EVER this year. And reflecting back over the past 10 years of living in our current neighborhood, I now realize how celebrating Independence Day in previous years pretty much stunk rotten eggs compared to this year. Why? Hmmmm... let me see, it could've been due to stupid teen antics that involved shooting bottle rockets off at neighborhood homes, or maybe it was because said teens parked 52 cars curbside making it extremely difficult to light fireworks in front of our own home, or possibly it was due to those underage drinking parties they had where they left empty beer cans and cigarette butts on our property, or maybe it was just a big combination of ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Anyway, the Peeps and I enjoyed a quaint Fourth of July celebration at home this year, and for good reason, we're feeling all blessed about it. Sometimes you have to put up with a few crappy Independence Day celebrations to really appreciate the alternative. With that, here's a fun firework video appropriately called "Goldfish Fail":

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