Tuesday, March 30, 2010

That Tuesday Blog

Hey, what do you know? Another Tuesday blog post! So now to wrap my head around what happened in the Peepstead over the past week since I can't seem to make time for incremental updates. And with 'The Biggest Loser' on television in the family room and Peeps gathered around to see who will be the eliminated contestant (a favorite family-time event for us), blogging here will be a little tricky. But here goes:

First things first, we now have a teenage Peep Girlie in the house and couldn't be more thrilled about it. Why? Because having a teenage girl around is actually better than we ever imagined it to be. I could drone on and on about how she has been such a blessing to our family, but really, it just goes without saying. So with that, we celebrated exactly the way she wanted with a quiet party at home involving pizza, friends, family, video gaming, trampoline jumping and last but not least: TCBY frozen yogurt cake. How. sweet. it. is.

The rest of our week was jam packed with client projects, instrument rehearsals, a field trip to the Strategic Air & Space museum, shopping at the bookstore, attending mass and teaching the usual CCD class. Did we really fit all of that into 7 days? Along with a couple of sick days and a doctor visit for Peep Girlie? Oh, and don't forget those workouts squeezed in between. Good Lord, how are we keeping our sanity these days? All I can say is no wonder summer vacation is looking so enticing to me right now.

On that note, here's a favorite photo worthy of blog space:

Holding hand painted cat birthday gift.

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