Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In the Swing of Things

Now that our weekly rehearsal time with the orchestra is on hiatus, I need to find a new time devoted to this here blog. Sunday afternoon was perfect for that while practice was going on, but that particular window is now filled with private cello lessons and miscellaneous non-conducive-to-blogging type activities. So here I am on a Tuesday. *waves* This might actually work.

Meanwhile get comfortable, here's what's happening in Peepville:

Back on the orchestra topic, for next season our sweet Cellist Girlie has her sights set way up high and is looking to audition for the Grand Poobah of youth orchestras called the Philharmonic. And if that doesn't pan out, she's more than happy to return to the same group she's been with over the past year, Youth Conservatory. Total win-win situation either way. As long as she's happy and I get my Orchestra Mom chair back while Hubs and Younger Brother hang out at the homestead watching whatever sport happens to be in season, it's all good for everyone involved.

CCD class. Can you believe we are left with only 6 actual days of class and 1 final prayer service? I sure can't. While at times I did feel like the weeks were crawling along at a snail-like pace, reminiscent of slow running/Spyware laden computers I recall cleaning up back at the Mercy Sisters Assisted Living Center, the final days are zipping along all speedy on me. 7th grade has not been an easy one for any of us, but having a fierce co-catechist as a side-kick to keep the chatty types in line has been a serious blessing in disguise. In fact, we worked so well together that we're teaching yet another class next year, only next time 8th grade instead of 7th. Confirmation here we come!

So what else is new? Here's what: Yo Yo Ma. With the oldest turning another year older in a few days, what better way to celebrate than by taking her to see the Cello Master in real life. That's right, Girlie and I will be witnessing Yo Yo Ma as he teaches a Master Class at the music hall (not open to the general public) and then listen as he plays in concert the very next evening. Two days in a row of mind-blowing Yo Yo Ma - I know! Anyway, we'll also have a cake/presents celebration at home, because concerts are great and all but a birthday wouldn't be right without some sort of party involving frosting and wrapping paper.

Hold up... this means we're about to have a TEENAGER in the house.
Holy *expletive here*.

On that note, this one's for you Teenage-Girlie-To-Be:
Yo Yo Ma; Diana Krall, "You Couldn't be Cuter"

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