Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time to Get a Grip

Here we are in the aftermath of my grandmother's passing, and life's still a little foggy. To be expected - we trudge on. And now I'm finding all kinds of goodies in our mailbox thanks to relatives sending things Grandma wanted us to have; family photos, letters handwritten to her by the kids and me, dinosaur pictures our son drew while in preschool, rosary/beaded necklaces, etc. Interesting what Grandma treasured while she was alive, and now those treasures belong to us. Simple things can carry such golden memories - I get that now more than ever.

On with parent/teacher conferences and Fall Break over the previous week. Meetings with the kids' teachers involved rave reviews and big high-fives to both hard-working “conscientious” students. So as reward, we allowed extra screen time and kicked in a Wii Sports Resort game with more family togetherness included. There's absolutely nothing like an afternoon of Wii skydiving and water-skiing to celebrate a decent report card, let me tell you. Unfortunately the long weekend ended on a sour note with Hubs falling victim to the latest flu bug circulating the area, which basically goes to show you just can't win 'em all. We're still giving it our best shot anyway.

Now for something uplifting from memory lane:

Sister (left), Me (middle), Santa (right)


  1. You sure do look like you were a doubting child of who Santa was at that time. I am glad that you got momentos and memories of your grandmother so that her legacy will live on through you and your children.

    Big hugs..

  2. Thanks, Becca. That piercing/studying look got me the 'Professor' title back in the day. And yes, the family will be so happy to carry on the legacy Grandma passed on - this 'Doubting Santa' pic included!


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