Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Memory

This week will go down in history as one that carried major milestones for me and the family with the biggest being my Grandmother's passing on Hubs' birthday. The unfortunate part of it all was the fact that Hubs' work sent him out of town, impacting plans for attending Grandma's funeral. But I didn't put funeral attendance out of my mind completely, especially with my parent's willingness to do whatever they could to make sure I made it there in one piece. Mostly, the issue I faced was the sheer lack of last-minute backup support for transporting the kids to/from school, etc. Ugh.

So I missed it. There. But guess what? My folk's Blackberry turned out to be the saving-est grace of all time, as they sent actual PHOTOS of Grandma to me in real-time as the viewing took place, then more images of her estate as family sorted through items that had no designated home. Not only that, but they also sent pictures of distant relatives whom I hadn't laid eyes on in years, making me feel like the fly-on-the-wall that I wanted to be. Technology saves the day, once again.

Yes, I'm forever disheartened about not attending Grandma's funeral. However, despite the physical distance between us over the years, I will always be proud to have actually been present for Grandma while she was alive by remembering her all year long with cards, family photos, clothing, holiday/birthday checks to help supplement her income, etc. The peeps and I visited, not as much as she would've liked, but we made the trip to her apartment in Bradford, Pennsylvania, and spent real-life time with her. So in a basic sense, we'll always be glad for keeping her in our thoughts & prayers, taking the time to remember her properly, making the extra effort before she was called to new life.

Grandma left behind a legacy; and when I focus on describing her as a person and the life she lived, a few words spring into my mind: faith-filled, dignified, gracious, lived a simple life and loved her family. Grandma is in Heaven now, reflecting on memories with Grandpa, enjoying time with Pudgie, the pet dog they owned many years ago, watching the fuss centered around her possessions, smiling and shaking her head at it all and patiently awaiting the day she reunites with the rest of us again.

I will miss Mary Patricia Green, my grandmother.

Grandma, Me, Mom (@1989 in Bradford, PA)


  1. That is a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, @Becca & @Dory. I do appreciate them.


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