Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ritzy Groove

Every morning this week, I've been seeing a certain commercial that sends me back to the 80's when Earth, Wind & Fire rocked the soul music world and saved me from my teen self. (Not exactly an easy feat!) And since I love Ritz crackers and find Tiki Barber to be the smoothest football-player-turned-MSNBC-correspondent on the planet, this video has earned blogworthiness:


  1. I know, I know....two comments in one week after nothing for over a year. Since you are in the tech field, do you recommend a network filter for the family. I'm looking at getting something for our home, and would appreciate any feedback. thanks.

  2. Wow - shocking! But again, great hearing from you. As per a network filter, we have a firewall via our router. Nothing real high-tech there, but it seems to be doing the trick for us. Do you have multiple computers set up in your house? If so, you could go the router route. ;)

  3. As for content filtering, we're on the honor system. All of our machines are hard wired (not wireless) and out in the open where everyone can see everything - so far, so good.


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