Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Blizzard-y Holidays

Today is the day of Christmas Eve, and it feels just eerie with a nasty blizzard creeping its way toward our lovely town as we sit in wait, watching all kinds of cancellations pop up on the 'Closings, Cancellations and Delays' newscast. Work-wise, I've already updated a client's website to reflect service cancellations, and yet our own parish hasn't budged - nor do I expect they will, as we're Catholic and belong to the largest parish in the state of Nebraska and canceling any service would result in complete turmoil for everyone involved.

So in the meantime, the peeps are just hanging out at the homestead, watching/listening to the snowy wind blowing around outside, playing video games, reading books, snacking on Hickory Farms cheese & sausage on crackers, and keeping an eye on this scary image as we pray for Santa's safe visit later this evening:

Have a safe & Happy Christmas Eve!

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