Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting to Know

Last week, the oldest child's Language Arts teacher sent home a request for parent input, specifically asking us to write a note describing what makes our child special. Since my response will likely not see the light of day after the teacher reads it, I thought, Hey! Why not post it here in bloggerville?
So here goes!
(Name replaced with "PG" for "Peep Girlie".)

PG is fascinating, as you will come to know. From the time she taught herself to read while still in diapers to when she first picked up the cello that she plays so brilliantly today, PG continues to amaze one and all. So when asked to describe her, my first thought was to share a poem written in her own words but with personal comments included in hopes of capturing that “voice” she expresses so well:

I Am…
With comments by PG’s Mom in blue italics

I am musical and lighthearted
The love of listening to/playing music is a driving force behind PG’s easygoing nature.

I wonder if hypnosis is real
Always the curious one. Such a deep thinker.

I hear my cat’s voice in her meows
… and she understands what the cat is saying in those meows, too.

I see my stories come to life inside my head
… as if they are in vibrant high definition.

I want to be an author
Being an author is PG’s lifelong dream, one we can see becoming a reality. She has a unique talent for writing and is consumed with generating masterpieces – destiny!

I am musical and lighthearted
Did you know PG plays two instruments? It’s true - cello and clarinet.

I pretend to be imaginary characters
… which oftentimes requires props, hence the need to raid my shoe collection.

I feel the music coming out of my cello
PG’s talent for playing earned her a spot in the area Youth Orchestra 3 years in a row: Elementary, Chamber & Conservatory Strings. She’s quite skilled and proud of her abilities, yet down-to-earth at the same time.

I touch the notes and make them come alive
Her notes touch others… as witnessed in my tears of joy while listening to her play on stage. Yes, mom completely lost it with ‘Canon in D’.

I worry about tornadoes
PG jumps right into action whenever severe weather hits, taking all of her prized possessions to the basement with her while seeking shelter.

I cry when people yell at me
With a younger brother around (aka ‘partner in crime’), sometimes Mom & Dad need to step in – mostly when it comes to enforcing bedtime. Otherwise PG is so well behaved, who needs to yell?

I am musical and lighthearted
Each year, PG performs cello concerts during our family Thanksgiving celebration in Minnesota. What a special treat to hear her play holiday tunes.

I understand every feeling inside my story characters
PG gets into the heads of the characters she creates, bringing her stories to life.

I say that cats are cute
PG loves cats, especially our family cat. She will let you know.

I dream of composing my own music
… and actually composed a piece last year in 6th grade music class. Such a great original piece of work!

I try to go higher than the sky
PG has high expectations for herself in all that she does.

I hope global warming will end
… with big dreams of making the world a better place for everyone.

I am musical and lighthearted
The universe needs more PGs in it.


  1. "The universe needs more PGs in it".

    Indeed! Beautiful post!

    ~~ Mj

  2. I love the words you give PG. Beautiful. Did you share them with her?

  3. Awww shucks... thanks all! And yes, I did share this with PG, @Becca. She was thrilled to give it to her teacher, as was I. With the gazillion students that Language Arts teaches every day, I can only pray that these words give her a sense of PG's caliber. All teachers should ask for this kind of thing, IMHO. :)

  4. LOVE IT! AND THE CELLO!! AHH! My favorite string. You have a special girl and I cannot believe how big she is now!

    Glad you're back here. Was very difficult to leave comment before, but that could just be me :P

  5. @Mominator - She's so tall, I feel like we're sisters! I'm so pumped that you posted a comment here on my new blog. WordPress was kicking me in the pants with that comment-posting-issue - finally a great (NON MSN) place to get a bloggy again. :)


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